Our story

Since December, 2001, in Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina, we have been working on multiplying the opportunities for hundreds of children, adolescents, women and older people. Look at our history and learn how we built our dream of being close to those who need us most.  
The dream of a different Argentina begins.
Mensajeros de la Paz arrives in Argentina during the social, political and economic crisis.
Promoting the development of Argentinian children.
We started our work with children and adolescents in CABA and the Province of Buenos Aires.
We renew San José
We built improvements at San José to offer a more caring and quality space for the elderly.
Ever closer to those who need us.
We created the Family Accompaniment Programme and began to lay the foundations for what will become our Educational Strengthening Programme.
We open our doors to the world
We created the International Volunteer Programme.
With art as a motor for integration
We carried out the first project of Patronage of inclusion through art.
New vulnerable contexts challenge us
We came to Barrio 31 to accompany more families.
United for Transformation Commitment
We started to work together with other organisations fighting against social inequality.
We Keep Helping. We Keep Transforming
A new year found us working for the whole exercise of the rights of children, adolescents and older people.
The challenge of care in a pandemic
We confronted Covid and isolation to stay close to those who needed us.
We arrived at Hogar San José
Our commitment to older people in Argentina begins
Our efforts are recognised
Different governmental institutions highlight the work of Mensajeros de la Paz in Argentina.
We carry our Mensajeros de la Paz to the whole world
We are starting to build international cooperation networks.
New spaces to continue transforming reality
We inaugurated Centro La Balsa for homeless girls and adolescents.
Growing our alliances for a better future
We are promoting the first initiatives to foster corporate social responsibility.
We continue to grow together
The Flores Day Care Centre has become a Day Club, adding more professionals and new activities.
Even closer to children
We launched the campaign "Niños Solidarios" to bring toys to the centres and homes of Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
Together We Do More
On our 15th anniversary, we held the first dinner to benefit our projects at the Palermo Hippodrome.
Mensajeros de la Paz siempre esta
This year, we managed to multiply the opportunities for more than 1000 people.
Multiplying Opportunities to Transform Reality
After the pandemic and isolation, we remain steadfast in being close to those who need us.