Our guidelines

In Argentina, 40% of the population
is below
the poverty line

In Mensajeros de la Paz, Argentina, we believe that a fairer and more equitable world where all people can live in dignity is possible.

That is why we choose to be close to those with fewer opportunities, accompanying them to transform their reality.

We believe in the enormous potential of bringing together great causes and people who are generous and passionate about making the world a better place for everyone. 

We continue dreaming and working tirelessly for a country where no one has to live with their rights violated.

We live in a world where the individual takes precedence. Still, we continue working with the conviction that the only way to transform our reality is through collective action and commitment.

Our vision:

We believe that an inclusive Argentina where all sectors of the population can access their fundamental rights and fully enjoy life in society is possible.

Our mission:

In Mensajeros de la Paz, we seek the social integration of the most vulnerable sectors of society. We have implemented comprehensive care projects to promote restitution and exercise their rights.