Our programmes

Protection and restitution of rights programme

Direct care projects ensure the protection and restitution of the rights of children, adolescents and the elderly. These projects consist of homes and centres in which interdisciplinary professional teams work to provide direct care and evaluate and develop strategies that promote the integral well-being of all participants

Hogar Colibríes

Centro La Balsa

Hogar San José

Club de Día

Community strengthening programme

Projects to favour the strengthening and empowerment of the community, based on robust and transforming tools such as art, education, sports and training for social, political and economic development. 

Educational strengthening programme

Family accompaniment programme

Social integration through the art programme

Labour inclusion programme

Leadership for change and social transformation programme

Projects that contribute to social change by generating social leaders and people committed to community development

Local volunteering programme

International volunteering programme: Mensajeros del Mundo.

Programme for the promotion and dissemination of rights