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At Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina we want to continue accompanying all the girls, boys, adolescents and older people who are part of our projects. One way we do this is through our fundraising and communication campaigns and events.

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Una Noche Buena
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Acompañando Emociones

Programme for the promotion and dissemination of rights

Projects that contribute to raising awareness of the social problems addressed by the organization as well as knowledge about strategies that contribute to solving the problem for the State and society in general.

Sustainable Development Goals

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International volunteering programme:
Mensajeros del mundo

Messengers of the World is our international volunteer program through which we seek the training of young social leaders from all over the world committed to change and social transformation.

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Local volunteering programme

The Local Volunteer Program offers you the chance to be close to those who need it most and, at the same time, gain experience in social causes. In this way, working for social transformation, we generate and multiply opportunities for everyone.

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2017: Together we do More

  • In the year of our 15th anniversary, we held the First Dinner to benefit our projects at the Palermo Hippodrome. We also have the special participation of Father Ángel García Rodríguez, President and Founder of Messengers of Peace.

  • The event’s main objective was to promote educational programs and provide tools for social integration for more boys and girls from vulnerable neighborhoods in the CABA and Province of Buenos Aires. Thanks to everyone’s support we raised $438,392.

  • We travel to the Malakasa camp, located 40km from Athens, Greece; with the aim of bringing help and hope to the more than 700 refugees assisted.

  • Graciela Gilona, ​​Director of the Colibríes Home for girls and boys from 6 to 12 years of age who were exposed to complex situations of violation of their rights, is declared an Illustrious Citizen of the Municipality of Almirante Brown.

  • The Ministry of Social Development of the Province of Buenos Aires declares of Provincial Interest the actions carried out by Father Ángel and Messengers of Peace.

  • In addition, the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires declares the 15th Anniversary of Messengers of Peace Argentina to be of Legislative Interest

2021: We multiply opportunities to transform reality

After the pandemic and isolation, we remain firm to be close to those who need us.

  • We rebuilt the San José Home for the elderly thanks to our Network of Godmothers and Godparents, hundreds of people, companies and organizations, who joined us to restore the San José Home after the building damage caused by a falling tree.
  • Together with officials from the Nation and the Almirante Brown Municipality, an agreement was signed for the incorporation of Hogar Colibríes into the National Plan against Hunger and the purchase of food. In addition, the agreement promises long-term building improvements to the space and maintenance of Hogar Colibríes.
  • Inauguration of the new headquarters of the Educational Strengthening Project. We created a new headquarters in Floresta to accompany more girls, boys and adolescents in their education, providing tools that allow them to access better opportunities.
  • More than 300 people ran, walked and danced to benefit children’s projects in the second edition of #runwithme. 385 runners from all over the world, 1,559 kilometers, 9 days and $1,097,260 raised to multiply the opportunities of 800 girls, boys and their families in Argentina.
  • Organization of the first “International Virtual Conference on Mental Health”. 200 people from all over the world joined to exchange tools and experiences on mental health in the context of the pandemic with professionals, professors and students from different partner institutions.
  • We finished a new Training Course for Home Caregivers that provided professional training and various tools for the care and accompaniment of older people to 23 students.

2020: The challenge of caring in a Pandemic

The health emergency brought the importance of care to the forefront and we faced COVID-19 and isolation so as not to stop being close to those who need us, prioritizing comprehensive care for participants in centers and homes, the protection of workers and the development of innovative initiatives accompanying more than 3,000 people.

  • We established a constantly updated institutional protocol that prioritizes health care, cleanliness, and hygiene for greater safety and protection in all our projects, especially in the San José Home for the elderly, one of the most vulnerable populations against the Coronavirus.
  • In addition, we transformed the La Balsa center into a center open 24 hours a day to care for cis and trans girls and women living on the streets.
  • We reinforce the measures to contain and protect the girls and boys of Hogar Colibríes.
  • Our Community Strengthening programs worked in a virtual modality and was a bridge between the socio-sanitary and food needs of families, assisting with the delivery of food and food, accompanying the pedagogical continuity of all participants.

2019: Messengers of Peace is always

  • We began to work in coordination with the National Program for Home Caregivers, an important national program that aims to train qualified people to care for the elderly population in our country.
  • Dafne Schilling launched her new project “Intention in Movement” with two yoga classes at the Palermo Hippodrome. All attendees collaborated with donations of school supplies for our projects. Dafne also wanted to visit the Colibríes Coexistence Home, where she held a yoga class for the girls and boys in the home.
  • Within the framework of the International Day of the Elderly, we held, for the third consecutive year, our Annual Fundraising Event. For that day we also carried out a campaign on social networks that had the objective of raising awareness about the elderly, active aging.
  • Meanwhile, in Spain, under the banner of Helping Us Get Closer, we held the first Cocktail to benefit our projects in Argentina, which raised more than €20,000.
  • We continue to work with allied companies, with whom we were able to transform our projects and within the framework of the National Day of Corporate Social Responsibility, we held an event together with WeWork.
  • To mark the end of the year, we organized an outdoor lunch at Hogar San José for our Godmothers and Godfathers. In this way we were able to thank them for all their support during 2019, give them a tour of the Home and share a pleasant summer afternoon.

2018: We Continue Helping, We Continue Transforming

  • Thanks to the “Back to School Campaign” campaign, we obtained supplies, food and study material to accompany the education of more than 200 boys and girls participating in the Educational Strengthening Program.
  • We held our 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner at the Palermo Hippodrome. In a very special night full of emotion, fun and solidarity, we raised funds for the Community Center in the New Álamos neighborhood of Longchamps, a space that receives daily more than 100 boys and girls together with their families.
  • We are part of the COAS Fair of Nations. More than 10 companies made their contribution to raise funds for our Centers and Homes.
  • We carry out 10 different plays and art shows hand in hand with the Program for Social Integration through Art.

2016: United by the commitment to transformation

  • Messengers of Peace Argentina is a representative of the direct attention organizations in the plenary session of the Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • We founded Hogares en Red. It brings together all the CABA Institutions that work with Children and Adolescents.
  • We implement new methodologies for our educational projects developing in Flores, Barrio 31 and Longchamps.

2014: Even closer to childhood

  • Together with Metrovías and Subterráneos Argentinos, we launched the “Niños Solidarios” campaign to bring toys to centers and homes in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • Hogar San José receives the Third Age recognition from the Province of Buenos Aires on its 80th anniversary and is celebrated in style.

We keep growing together

  • The Hogar de Día de Flores becomes a Day Club incorporating a staff of professionals to achieve ideal multidisciplinary care for the elderly people who attend.
  • That year, Amalia Luna, a resident of the San José home for the elderly, traveled to the Vatican with a delegation from Father Ángel to meet Pope Francis.

2014: New vulnerable contexts challenge us

Messengers of Peace arrived with its vice president, Father José Vicente, and a group of volunteers to Barrio 31 to offer their help to the Cristo Obrero parish. There we met Father Willy and decided to stay to collaborate with different projects in that community.

We founded the School Support Workshop in Villa Lugano, expanding the scope of our Educational Strengthening Program.

2012: With art as the engine of integration

  • Our first projects of the Social Inclusion Program through Art began. Since then we have promoted various artistic projects that aim to promote the integration of different population groups through quality artistic and cultural activities in order to contribute to their full development, to the recovery of their self-esteem , and the exercise of their rights.

  • In addition, we received recognition from the Buenos Aires Legislature for 10 years of solidarity work in Argentina

2011: Our alliances grow for a better future

We promote the first initiatives to promote corporate joint responsibility:

  • We held the first edition of the Business Solidarity Day, an initiative promoted by Messengers of Peace Argentina that would later be installed on business agendas.
  • In addition, we carry out the “Niños Solidarios” campaign with our friends from Racing Solidario”.
  • That same year. The Mensajeros del Mundo house begins to function, receiving young people from all over the world with the purpose of volunteering in our social work.

2010: Every time we are more!

  • We created the Mensajeros del Mundo International Volunteer Program thanks to an agreement with different foreign volunteer companies.
  • It would count, over the years, with the participation of many young people committed to social transformation.
  • Our “Niños Solidarios” campaign this year brought gifts to many disadvantaged girls and boys in the province of Chaco.
  • In the month of April we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Hogar San José with a party that was celebrated together with the grandmothers, family and many friends.

2009: We inaugurate new spaces to continue transforming reality

  • We inaugurated the “La Balsa” center for girls and adolescents living on the streets. A refuge so that their rights are respected and stop being violated.

  • For Grandmothers and Grandparents Day, we started an awareness campaign about the importance of older adults in society.

  • In turn, we reconditioned one of our dining rooms in Flores, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, to become a Day Home.

  • We celebrate Solidarity Day with a great day of games and music at the Planetarium.

2008: Closer and closer to those who need us

  • We created the Family Accompaniment Program, a device that over the years will allow us to be close to hundreds of families to multiply their opportunities and assert their rights.
  • In addition, a school support space for the neighboring girls of Flores begins to function, giving way to what will later be our Educational Strengthening Program.
  • For Grandmothers and Grandparents Day, we started an awareness campaign about the importance of older adults in society.
  • And we also carried out the second edition of the “Niños Solidarios” campaign, which was joined by schools, celebrities, volunteers and transporters to distribute donations of all kinds in various parts of the country.
  • At the end of that year we held the Volunteer Day Party, with a fantastic day of outdoor games.

2007: We take our message of peace to the whole world

We began to build international cooperation networks.

  • We present the Special Consultative Status before the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations to affirm the international vocation of our organization and it offers us a great incentive and new and better expectations to develop our work in the different countries in which, from Messengers of the Peace we keep activities.
  • By the end of that year we launched the campaign “A full Christmas gift”, a simultaneous campaign with Imaginarium and Messengers of Peace Spain to raise awareness among the little ones about the importance of solidarity.

2005: Our effort is recognized

Different government institutions highlight the work of Messengers of Peace in Argentina:

  • The Senate of the Argentine Nation recognizes the work of Messengers of Peace in the country.
  • In turn, Father Ángel is named Guest of Honor of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • We also received recognition from the Municipality of Almirante Brown for the work with Children in Longchamps.

2004: With the girls and the boys

We begin our work with children and adolescents in CABA and the Province of Buenos Aires.

In April, the Nuestra Señora de la Gracia Home for Adolescents was founded in Longchamps and in November, the Padre Ángel Home for Girls and Boys was founded in Caballito.

Thus began the beautiful journey of accompanying, promoting, and protecting the fulfillment of the rights of hundreds of girls and boys in a situation of social vulnerability that had taken place without interruption for 20 years.

2003: We arrived at Hogar San José

Our commitment to the elderly in our country begins

  • Messengers of Peace assumes the administration of Hogar San José, the oldest nursing home in the Municipality of Tres de Febrero. Thus begins our mission to protect and promote the rights of millions of older people in Argentina.
  • That same year, the Messengers of Peace Community Center began operating in the Once neighborhood of Buenos Aires, aimed at helping families in the area.
  • In Tucumán, we began the construction of offices for the maternity hospital. We also accompany the reconstruction and equipment of 200 homes affected by the floods in Santa Fe.

2002: The dream of a different Argentina begins

Messengers of Peace arrives in Argentina in the midst of the social, political and economic crisis that is plaguing our country.
Argentina lived in a context of recession, unemployment and malnutrition, violating the rights of millions of people. Faced with this situation, Father Ángel and Messengers of Peace organize the “For you Argentina” campaign.
300 tons of donations arrive from Spain to help more than 300,000 people from 70 institutions. All kinds of assistance (food, medicine, money, etc.) continue to be received throughout the year.
For December, Mensajeros founds in Tucumán the first soup kitchen for 250 girls and boys and a fairground ceded by the government to receive hundreds of families on weekends.

Labour inclusion programme

Mensajeros de la Paz works in articulation with the National Programme of Home Caregivers. This crucial national programme aims to train qualified people for the care of the elderly population of our country.

Since 2019 Mensajeros de la Paz has worked in articulation with the National Programme of Home Caregivers. This essential national programme aims to train qualified people to care for the elderly population of our country.

At the beginning of 2020, 120 students who participated in the programme during 2019 were certified in the centres located in Luján, General Rodríguez and Marcos Paz.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Social integration through the art programme

We implement various artistic projects to promote the integration of different population groups. Through quality artistic and cultural activities, we contribute to their full development, recovery of their self-esteem and exercise their rights.

Art is a powerful tool for integration and social transformation. We seek to promote democratic, equal and inclusive values and to rescue values such as teamwork, solidarity and reciprocity.

Sustainable development goals

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Sustainable Development Goals

A community space offers cultural and educational activities for children and their families, seeking to build family support processes.

The PAF offers a schedule of weekly activities such as percussion workshops, dance, native dances, mural painting, urban sculptures, computer games, and other spaces of culture for peace and conflict resolution such as parenting workshops, promotion of breastfeeding, identification of gender issues, promotion of children’s rights, among others.
The team of professionals working in the PAF (psychologists, social workers, operators and workshop participants) promotes prevention strategies to prevent children and adolescents from perpetuating their situation of vulnerability.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Educational strengthening programme

The Educational Strengthening Programme benefits more than 300 children between 6 and 17 years of age in situations of social vulnerability. The objective is to improve their educational trajectory, strengthen their learning processes and reduce grade repetition, dropout and over-age schooling.

In the PFE, we present an educational proposal with a systematic approach and clear and measurable objectives.

Our work is based on learning standards divided into two areas: oral and written comprehension and logical-mathematical thinking.

The didactic material is aligned to a teaching method designed for each profile and psycho-educational need. At the same time, we work to provide quality educational support through workshops, games, artistic tools, etc.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Teléfono Ciudad: 147
WhatsApp Ciudad: 11-5050-0147
SAME (ambulancias) 107
Emergencias 911
Línea mujer: 144
Demanda emergente de comida: 4307-6744; 4307-2108; 4300-9926 (horario atención 8 a 15hs.)
Programas sociales: 4867-6997/6902/6941

Pami : 0800 222 7264
Pami Escucha: 138
Emergencia: 139
Twitter: @pami_org_ar

Portal oficial de la Defensoría del Pueblo de la CABA
Av. Belgrano 673 4338-4900 0800-999-3722
Correo electrónico: consultas@defensorí

Sede Flores Dirección: Carabobo 84
Teléfono: 5288-8400 internos 1101/02/03/04
Correo electrónico:

Lavalle 1250 PB –
Teléfonos: 4123 – 4510 AL 4514

Gobierno de la Ciudad – Avenida Piedra Buena 3280, 3° piso.
Teléfonos: 0800-222-4567 o Línea telefónica 137

Club de Día

The Club de Día Mensajeros de la Paz is a community daycare space for older people who are isolated, lonely or in other problematic personal situations. It acts as a motivator to improve older adults’ emotional well-being and quality of life, fostering or maintaining the social networks of those who attend the club.

More than 20 older people daily participate in activities promoting active ageing.

Workshops are held on memory stimulation, human rights, socio-emotional, artistic and creative workshops, computers, and yoga, among other activities.

In addition, the participants receive three meals daily, framed in a balanced diet and controlled by nutrition professionals.

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Centro La Balsa

La Balsa is a day and night center for adolescent girls and women (cis and trans) between the ages of 8 and 17 who are on the streets. Its objective is to accompany its participants in the restitution of their rights.

The Center operates in the shelter/provisional home modality: it is accompanied and assisted in basic needs such as: food, hygiene, school support, recreation, psycho-social support and rest.

During the day, workshops of different types are offered in order to contribute to the development of these participants. At night, it provides shelter for girls and adolescent women and stay is always voluntary.

It also seeks to develop the necessary tools and resources to improve their living conditions and prevent situations that threaten their integrity and violation of human rights.

The professional attention provided is articulated with other institutions in order to be able, in this way, to elaborate and implement specific strategies to gradually reverse the street situation.

Sustainable development goals

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Hogar Colibríes

Colibríes is a home for children from 6 to 12 years old exposed to situations of violation of their rights. They must temporarily remain away from their family environment to the State Agencies’ decision.

Specialised professionals work in the Home, accompanying the strategies proposed by the intervening state agencies. We seek to strengthen the children’s social relationships with a safe link between family and community (to attend their adoption process)

Colibríes prioritise respect for their culture, customs and right to expression and promote actions to avoid prolonging their stay in the space.

In addition, the children at the Home receive a balanced diet controlled by nutrition professionals as part of the incorporation of the Colibríes Home into the National Plan against Hunger.

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Hogar San José

The Hogar San José is a long-stay residence prepared to provide comprehensive care for people over 60 years of age who require a place to live. In operation since 1935, it has played a significant role in protecting the rights of the elderly.

San José is the oldest Home for the elderly in the Municipality of Tres de Febrero.

It currently provides care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It is a place where interdisciplinary work is encouraged to maintain each particular case, prioritising each person’s voice and opinion.

Sustainable development goals

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